Concrete resurfacing—modern, durable, easy to maintain flooring for your home or business.

  • Is your concrete driveway, patio or other area cracked, chipped or degraded?
  • Do you want to invest in your home by adding an easy to maintain, modern looking floor.
  • Would you like flooring that is immune to foot traffic, spills and scrapes?
  • Is the cost of replacing your concrete over your budget?

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4 reasons you should choose a resurfaced concrete floor.



Concrete resurfacing project photos.

From polished concrete floors to matte, satin and gloss finishes, the sky’s the limit for modern design options with concrete resurfacing products from Düraamen.

Our colorfast integral color is available in 34 individual colors. 68 hues can be realized depending on your choice of either a gray or white basecoat. Aesthetically stunning classic, modern, and contemporary designs can be achieved with thoughtful color selection.



A tough, modern resurfaced concrete floor adds dollars to your property.

New flooring using concrete resurfacing is one of the best investments you can make to your home or commercial property. This is particularly true in the case of decorative, resurfaced concrete flooring. Unlike carpeting or hardwood, resurfaced concrete will stay looking new for years to come and its appearance and durability adds value to any home or commercial property.

Concrete resurfacing kitchen project photo.



Skraffino diagram

Concrete resurfacing provides protection against spills, soil, scrapes & abrasions.

A resurfaced concrete floor is the most impact, scratch and abrasion resistant when compared to other types of residential flooring. Mud, dirt and spills clean up easily on a decorative concrete floor. The only maintenance required is occasional dust and conventional mopping.



Concrete resurfacing is less expensive than replacing concrete.

Resurfaced concrete flooring is far less expensive than concrete replacement, comparably priced to carpeting and a better value than hardwood flooring. It may be applied over existing concrete, tile or plywood. When you consider it’s durability and ease of maintenance it is by far the best value available in residential and commercial flooring options.

Concrete resurfacing project photos.